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The purpose of this study is to present in a digitalized way the entire database with the indicators of children’s social exclusion in Albania, in regional level for each of the Regions of Albania aiming to promote awareness to the Albanian society about critical issues of hxrta, and which affect in the denial of their rights. By aiming that all this rich information collected to serves all the governmental, non-governmental and academic network shqkperise the most effective way, the Observatory fulfilled the study “Digitalized presentation of the social exclusion children’s indicators in Albania”.


By the implementation process of Observatory’s program, there are prepared and published reports, which offer detailed information of the main indicators related to the children’s rights. Mina Mata National Data Administratorto manage data and information sent by the Observatories offices in yarta regions.

Finally we would like to thank Ms. We also want to thank all the local and central institutional representatives and representatives from the civil society who gave their contribution and institutional collaboration to the Observatory offices during this period.

The latest commitment of the Observatory is the presentation of the study done for the realization of children’s rights and encountered problems in all the local units in the country. Kiti Stringa material translation in English language and Mr. The Observatory of the Children’s Rights, with its offices in 12 Regions shqiprrise Albania, ahqiperise a structure of the civil society, which functions as a platform for opinion disclosures and new commitments, and as exchange of experiences between different local institutions and organizations.


This information collected on the field and all the studies are put into service of the Institutions, organizations and all interested xhqiperise. Observatory for children’s rights shqiperisw This study was realized from the working group established by the Public Politics Institute and directed by Mr.

This information is related with the situation of children’s rights forand was presented in the formof a publication leaflet and in a digital form presented in our webpage: During its job, the Observatory collects information and data from all the possible sources public and nonpublic in regional level and also from different actors.

This study was assisted also by Ms. Observatory functions as a mechanisms that collects information and observes the situation of children’s rights in the regional level, in each region of Albania.