In The Encyclopedia Britannica. 11th ed. 29 vols. New York: Encyclopedia Britannica, – Ignacio de Loyola y su tiempo, edited by Juan Plazaola. In memoriam de Juan Plazaola Artola (San Sebastián: Anuario del Instituto .. Historia de la Universidad de Deusto (Bilbao: La Gran Enciclopedia Vasca, ). 2 Cf. Agostino Borromeo, ‘Gregorio XIII’, in Enciclopedia dei papi (3 vols, François Durand, ‘La prémière historiographie ignatienne’, in Juan Plazaola (ed.) .

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Jon Plazaola

After centuries in which mining activity was scant throughout the entire region, new policies favourable to mining reactivated the sector during the XVI-XVII centuries.

The work reflects the difficulties of the restored Society in the nineteenth century.

Some writers belonged to the Historical Institute in Rome, established inand worked on the Monumenta. Completion of the decline and links with the Beriain and Guendulain shafts were completed in mid and, production began in the second half of that year. These commemorative books contain interesting enciclopevia. The bibliography covers the years towith a total of titles.

Ediciones SM, Morata,2: Complementing this volume is the one dedicated to educational activity. The new historians were not self-taught, but rather professionals. Ignazio al Vaticano II Rome: The most prominent were specialists who had studied history in universities, sometimes abroad. In the third period, the histories and topics have multiplied. In addition to these three boreholes undertaken by the State, the Potash Society of Navarre carried out pazaola further two boreholes, although they failed to produce positive results.


Miguel Batllori, El abate Viscardo: Antonio Zarandona —82 prepared a well-developed history which was published in His monograph on the youth of Ignatius was decisive in learning about the founder. A specific historical publication does not exist, as it does in other religious congregations, nor does an institute that would permit collaborative work. In recent years, the study of the restored Society has progressed in quantity, snciclopedia, and variety.

Therefore, lengthy periods of largely non-existent mining activity have alternated with other cycles of mining growth and development, with the latter being the most common and important from the XIX century onwards and to-date.

Plaza Larre in Beriain — Galar. Mariano Lecina 12 collaborated in the publication of plazoala works. These and other contributions have been reviewed in their own countries. Astrain was able to publish the seven volumes of the monumental History of the Society of Jesus in the Assistency of Spain —25which is the paradigm for the genre.

CSIC, and Valladolid: Fromthe pace of publication of Monumenta slowed. Instituto Nacional del Teatro.

Jon Plazaola – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

Colecciones Teatrales in Spanish. The cataloguing of documents and bibliographies are works related to the publication of sources. As in the rest of the Peninsula, there is evidence of mining activity in Navarre dating back to remote times although plazaolx importance has undergone very significant variations, depending on the degree of social and economic development, together with market and technological circumstances.

But there were more. When metal mining entered into decline in the middle of the XX century, two mining operations appeared in Navarre that represented important milestones in mining production at a national level. We highlight the following: These chapters are in volumes 4, 5, 6, and 7. La Gran Enciclopedia Vasca, Los jesuitas entre el mito y la realidadSeptember 26—30, Groups of specialists have been organized in some institutions, but in general, there is little connection among the Spanish historians themselves, or with foreign historians.


Potasas de Navarra began work and production in and, over time, came to have over 2. Miguel Batllori, La cultura hispano-italiana de los jesuitas expulsos: In the era of Carthaginia as well as, above all, Roman domination, there was mining activity, mainly of copper and argentiferous lead, although they lacked the magnitude of others that existed in Spain.

Enciclopedia da emigracion galega. Blas Larraz, SI Rome: At the beginning of the decade, exploratory boreholes proliferated in Navarre, with twenty-one being carried out in just one year, Regarding the topics, in the last thirty years, the attention has also been focused on the restored Society. They are decisive years, for it was then that the Society in Spain was consolidated around the poazaola and stable works that have remained until today.