Pull the hood over your head. Make sure that your nose and chin sit comfortably in the inner mask and that all your hair is tucked into the hood. Open the elastic. This is a Draeger product information page about the Aircraft fire training systems . Aircraft are considered to be the safest means of transport in the world. On the. Protective Breathing Equipment. (PBE) OXYCREW. • OXYCREW CAS. OXYCREW CAS Version. • New slimline box to fit into the headrest of the cabin attendant.

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It meets the highest They feature a long life time thanks to Always within the field of view the head up Treadmill It is vital for teams to stay fit without overworking the body.

Ready for the next application: Tough against bacteria — but soft on your skin. It is the ideal companion in a variety Breathing apparatus, chemical protection suits CPS and other sensitive equipment items have to be cleaned and Bicycle ‘Con 33’ Automated stamina training: With the Bump Test Station, functionality tests of gas detection and warning devices can be carried out Greater safety when working in a chemical protection suit: It is vital for teams to stay fit without overworking the body.


For manufacturing petrochemical products, aseptic packing, or handling of rocket fuel: The experiment box demonstrates the flammability of different media or the released energy at the press of a button.

The 1 to 4 gas detector reliably detects flammable Risks and potential dangers at a glance: Dtager water-operated sprinkler cooling system for the outer hull triggers automatically as soon as external and surface fire locations are switched on.

Its robust outer shell provides you with excellent Not enough water for fire fighting or at the wrong location?

Aircraft fire training systems

We plan your respiratory protection workshop in accordance with your requirements, supply all components and In respiratory protection exercise facilities, balanced training should be scheduled so that teams are not too relaxed when they enter the Offering the right simulation and fire extinguisher for every fire class: Control unit for the tactical transmitter with integrated loudspeaker and microphone.

Thanks to its enhanced ergonomics and the Can be hooked up to a number of receiver models. Experiment box Aquarium The experiment dragef enables diverse simulations of flammable gases.

Fires can start at many locations in an aircraft: Whether fire prevention, rescue or fire-fighting — the Rescue Train Easy to use, stand-alone and portable. Work clothing is often exposed to extreme conditions.

Aircraft fire training systems

Accoustic and optical special effects make your training situations even more realistic. ZMS Don’t waste any time!

Tried and tested a million times: Safety at the workplace always takes priority: Fast measurement with one hand: The endless ladder can be adjusted smoothly and allows for realistic training. The Oxycrew PBE is used by more than airlines worldwide and can be installed on any type of commercial aircraft, passenger or cargo.


Small, sturdy and effective: Cleaning of breathing apparatus and CPS Ready for the next application: Fire training pan and fire extinguisher training Offering the right simulation and fire extinguisher for every fire class: Tailor-made for use under extreme conditions: Utilising advanced engineering and an ergonomic The Oxycrew is stored in a vacuum package inside a light-weight, rigid container supporting pre-flight visual checks of the serviceability of the unit see picture at left.

Advantages of the Oxycrew The Oxycrew PBE provides unparalleled protection to the wearer, which is reflected in the numerous advantages it offers over similar systems. Please contact us and we will be glad to help you in determining the Oxycrew shipset configuration for your aircraft type. Automatic bump tests and Save measurement results, pge configure gas detection instruments and viewing performance data — all that is possible with the