I read Lewis Grassic Gibbon’s A Scots Quair in the summer between high school and college. It is three books – Sunset Song, Cloud Howe and. Title: A Scots Quair Author: Lewis Grassic Gibbon * A Project Gutenberg of Australia eBook * eBook No.: Language: English Date first posted . Lewis Grassic Gibbon (James Leslie Mitchell) was one of the finest writers of the twentieth century. Born in Aberdeenshire in , he died at the age of.

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A Scots Quair Series

And Chae had said Keep a civil tongue in your head and had clouted the motorist man one in the ear and down he had flumped in the stour and Mistress Strachan, her that was old Netherhill’s daughter, she’d gone tearing out skirling Mighty, you brute, you’ve killed the man!

Libb you like a lamb. For me, Sunset Song is the most successful book because it has Chris as its core.

Tom Wintringham editor of Left Reviewdcots termed this last book as “the best novel written this side the Channel since Hardy stopped writing”. But Rob of the Mill had never a thought of what Kinraddie said of him. This is supposed to be the greatest Scottish novel ever written. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Was it likely a brother and a sister would do anything if they slept together? I’d recommend his short stories too, especially “Smeddum”! For later one of the ploughmen thought he’d seen the creature, shambling up against the skyline, picking a great bunch of sourocks and eating them.

Lasting memory is of her kindness to conscentious objector, the image of him sitting on doorstep forlorn and wondering if his convictions right. Chris Guthrie is completely convincing. But mother said they all got on fine, she was never happier in her life than those days when she tramped bare-footed the scits to the little school that nestled under the couthy hills.

You saw their faces in firelight, father’s and mother’s and the neighbours’, before the lamps lit up, tired and kind, faces dear and close to you, you wanted the words they’d known and used, forgotten in the far-off youngness of their lives, Scots words to tell to your heart, how they wrung it and held csots, the toil of their days and unendingly their fight.

If Davies can capture something of the spirit of the landscape, and the tongue, he will deliver a gift. This is a book meant to be read in the autumn, sunset and autumn being temporally related to one another, the last bright clear view of something before it’s gone forever.


And then mother began to scream, the doctor called down the stairs Man, it’s a fair tough case, I doubt I’ll need your help, and at that father turned grey as a sheet and covered his face again and cried I dare not, I dare not!

This book is the seeing out of a way of life. A dispassionate observer could probably let you know some of the ingredients you’re going to have to work with – perhaps bookish, awkward, indolent, clever, odd-looking. Grassic Gibbon — his real name was James Leslie Mitchell — was radical in the way he used language as he was in politics to convey feelings in descriptions that read as if they are the inner thoughts of people, rendered with a poetic pulse that he manages to sustain against the danger that the artificiality might get too much.

There’s no more evocative telling of the Scottish crofting life and it is quqir Scottish classic for a good reason. And she took the paper from him and looked at it and turned it this way and that, but feint the thing could she made of it.

A Scots Quair: Sunset Song, Cloud Howe, Grey Granite by Lewis Grassic Gibbon

There’s a limited glossary of terms in the back of the book and its usually fairly easy to figure out or guess the meaning of the words that aren’t there. Epidote a greenish silicate of calcium, aluminum, and ironSphene whose crystals are wedge-shaped and which contains the element titanium – strong, light, corrosion-resistantApatite consisting of calcium phosphate and fluori A gift from my dear friend Bettie!! But on scotts cleared land he had bigger steadings built and he let them at bigger rents and longer leases, he said the day of the fine big farm had come.

Come on then, lass. So that was their coming to Blawearie, fell wearied all of them were the little of the night that was left them, and slept late into the next morning, coming scot and drizzly up from the sea by Bervie.

But it wasn’t too difficult to fall into qhair swing of the language; after a few pages of frustration I had got hold of it, and could read it easily.

She thought at first he was hurted and then she saw he was trying to laugh, he tore at her frock and cried You come! At other times, especially in the dazzling opening sections of the book, there is a generous larding of terms that may have some readers south of the border, or overseas, grinning in bewilderment if, like me, you enjoy auair sort of thing: Chris and Robert live through the turbulent years of the s, siding with the rural proletariat as it struggled to form unions and change its conditions of life.

James Naughtie: the lost Scotland of Sunset Song | Books | The Guardian

He was a pretty man, well upstanding, with great shoulders on him and his hair was fair and fine and he had a broad brow and a gey bit coulter of a nose, and he twisted his mouser ends up with wax like that creature the German Kaiser, and he could stop a running stirk by the horns, so strong he was in the wrist-bones.


And Marget’s eyes, that were blue and so deep they minded you of a well you peeped into, they’d grow deeper and darker and her sweet face grow so solemn Chris felt solemn herself. But God knows, who is it they don’t laugh at? This dialect has more subtlety than English when it comes to describing the differences in land use, farming practices and the shifts in weather particular to this part of the world.

View all 3 comments. Dec 30, Fiona rated it it was amazing Shelves: The story continues in the second book as Chris leaves the croft to move into a local village with her second husband and the young son of her first marriage. It is solidly freighted with the good detail, the surprises and the ambivalence that authenticate any study of a lost way of life, so that it doesn’t feel like wish-fulfilment or second-hand borrowing, but convinces as witnessed from the inside.

But folk said he’d more need to start socializing Mistress Strachan, her that had been Kirsty Sinclair of Netherhill, before he svots on anybody else. And the third quean was Charity, with a lot of naked bairns at her feet and she looked a fine and decent-like woman, for all that she was tied about with such daft-like clouts.

When the series finished I was so bereft that I had to go in search of the book, and when I couldn’t find it anywhere, I ordered it from our local bookshop. Kinloch, and God knows he was no exception among the masters there. But by then the pig-breeding was fine and paying, their debts were gone, they were coining silver of their own.

A Scots Quair is actually three books, Sunset Song, Cloud Howe and Grey Granite, that tell the story of Chris Guthrie, a young woman in the North East of Scotland, moving from the hard, rural life of her adolescence to adulthood and marriage. This three books that tell the story of Chris Guthrie, a young woman in the North East of Scotland, moving from the w, rural life of her adolescence to adulthood and marriage.